Defence Grid

Your first line of defence with Artificial Intelligence.

An AI based startup - committed to give cost-effective solutions.

New prespective, new approch.

We are a group of enthusiasts who firmly believe that the Iron age is already over and there is no point in using bulky and heavy equipment for our defence. Here in Defence Grid we are working on artificial intelligence based small, effective and lightweight equipments.

Our first proof of concept is ready to roll

Get rid of remote controlled based target acquisition devices which can be easily neutralized by communication jammer devices. In this series our first product is an AI based unit we call BARBARIK, a self aware system able to identify various kinds of threats and neutralize them without any human intervention.

Products in Line


AI based autonomous ground defence unit. No need to remotely operate, system can do self analysis and hit the target.


AI enabled autonomous battle droids.


AI based underwater drone.


AI based autonomous attacking drone.


AI based smart bombs which can self decide the target and can change the trajectory while dropped from high altitude

Designing the cost-effective artificial intelligence based future-enabled weapon system.

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